About Anna

I understand what you are feeling because I have worked through it myself. Early on, it was hard because I didn’t want anyone to know how badly I was doing. Only I knew things were falling apart on the inside. Eventually, through counseling, I was able to find someone who understood, listened, accepted and supported me. You’re reading this because you are looking for this very thing and it is available to you right here.

  • You deserve to be listened to without being told your feelings are wrong.
  • You are worthwhile and valuable, even though you might not realize it yet.
  • You feel strung out because you don’t have enough support, not because there is something wrong with you.
  • You don’t have to neglect your own needs to be loved.
  • You can have relationships where you give, but also receive.
Being listened to and treated with kindness changed my world and I know it could change yours too. That’s why I started the Feel Better Group.

What is therapy with you like?

First and foremost, therapy is a place you will be listened to. Lots of questions will be asked and there will be all the time and space you need to think through your thoughts and feelings. Your pace and style set the tone. If there are things you don’t see, patterns that are causing some of the pain you hope to resolve, you have access to that wisdom. You are invited to give feedback about what works and what doesn’t and the therapy will be adjusted uniquely to you. You will do the work you need to do and have a fully-engaged, attentive, kind partner to support you.

Why Feel Better Group; it’s only you?

Some of my clients have other helpers in their life. Whoever is on your team is your Feel Better Group. I love to work collaboratively to make sure you get the best care possible. Along the way, if you would like a referral, I have a network of excellent practitioners I can recommend.

What about your Professional Credentials?

  • 17 years experience in mental health including medical and mental hospitals, schools, hospice, and intensive outpatient settings.
  • M.Div. from The University of Chicago in 2001
  • M.S.W. from New York University in 2015.
  • Professional affiliation with the National Association of Social Workers
  • I go to continuing education courses regularly, to stay current on changes in the field, and network with other professionals so I know others who are committed to excellence if you need a referral.